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What is it for?

  • to broaden your experience of the Alexander Technique by meeting and exchanging with others who share your interest

  • to participate in local events relating to the application of these ideas

  • to attend national events with workshops, lectures, concerts, voice-work, theatre, etc.

  • to become involved in local, national and international networks of people interested in the Alexander Technique

  • to deepen your experience of applying the Technique to the performing arts, sport and other activities

  • to invite a specialist or senior teacher to your area

  • to receive the Alexander Journal and regular e-newsletters

  • to show your appreciation for help you may have received in the past

  • to help ensure the future of FM Alexander’s legacy

About the Friends








Would you like to be an organiser for events in your area?


Are you an actor or musician who would be willing to perform in a fund-raising event?


Please contact us and tell us how you would like to become involved.

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