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The Body in Motion
Itís Evolution and Design
By Theodore Dimon.
Published by North Atlantic Books, January 2011. 128pp, ISBN 978-1556439704. , £16.99.
Review by Ken Humphreys

First published in STATNews, January 2012)

An excellent book that uses simple, easy-to-understand language and diagrams. There was enough detail to allow understanding without the reader being overwhelmed in it. I especially found the musculature very well handled, and also liked the continual references to the upright posture and its essential nature.

The only slight fault I found was that some of the illustrations were not very clear ands whilst he went into great detail about the shoulder and pelvis, there was no such detail about the atlanto-occipital joint.

Overall I was left with a much greater understanding of the body and how our upright nature came about as well as its essential part in our whole being.

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