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ATEAM Trial & the Press

(Reproduced by kind permission of STAT. This material appears on the STAT web-site: see www.stat.org.uk)


Links to the press reporting the ATEAM research:

Medical Research Council website, News, Views and Events

The Times Online, August 23rd 2008

NHS News, August 20th 2008

The Guardian.co.uk "Life and Style", August 21st 2008

BBC News (BBC South Today video download), August 20th 2008

InTheNews.co.uk, August 22nd 2008

BBC News Channel (Diana Maclellan, BBC Lunchtime News interview), August 20th 2008

The Guardian, August 20th 2008

The Times, August 20th 2008

The Telegraph, August 20th 2008

Reuters UK, August 20th 2008

The Express, August 20th 2008

The Daily Mail, August 20th 2008



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