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Celebrating Generosity
(First published in STATNews, September 2008)

Dear Editor

Im writing to celebrate and share something which happened in my practice recently.

A pupil who has been coming for lessons for a year is taking a sabbatical for work, and on their final lesson handed me an envelope with 150 in it. "Whilst Im away, I thought you might use this to give lessons to someone who otherwise couldnt afford to come," they said. I am so touched at the thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit which moved her to do this for me and the lucky pupil. I contacted a student at Manchester University whod been attending my lunchtime group classes, who had expressed great enthusiasm to continue learning, and offered her five free lessons. Shes shocked and amazed and says its "fantastic luck." So weve started our lessons together and I feel blessed to be able to do this. And the person who gave me the money said they were glad that they have enough money to do so and contribute in this way too. I feel very grateful for the support it gives me whilst this regular pupil is away and the fact that it enables me to contribute to another pupil whilst being able to take care of myself financially too.

I wonder if anyone has heard of anything like this before?

Warm wishes

Lucy Ascham






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